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The hardware choices made in designing  a guitar have a strong influence on the way it feels, plays how well it stays in tune. As a guitar player and builder for over 25 years I have done extensive research on what products offer the best possible features and benefits to the player We use only the best available hardware on our guitars to assure the best possible tuning, stability and sound.

We are not limited to any specific products and can outfit a guitar with any hardware of your choice but we strongly  recommend the products listed below for the reasons stated and all the hardware below come standard on our Signature Series Guitars

Hipshot Bridges
We use Hipshot Fixed bridges and Hipshot US Contour tremolos on all of our HT and ST Series guitars. They are far superior to any other bridges that are available.

FU-TONE  Signature Pasquale Custom Guitars Bridge
Pasquale Custom Guitars is pleased to offer our Signature FU-TONE Bridge as a standard feature on all of out LT Series guitars. I worked with Adam at FU-TONE to design the exact tremolo bridge that I wanted to compliment my guitar deigns and allow me to get the maximum tone, feel and response that I want from my guitars.

Our design consists of a 32mm Big Brass L-Block with a brass claw, noiseless springs and a Trem-Stopper stabilizer. We use Tapered Saddles with Titanium Inserts and it is available in Chrome, Black or Gold.

This bridge is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the tremolo world. The enhancements that were made to original Floyd Rose design are beyond superior. The larger brass block makes the bridge ring like a bell and the sustain is incredible. The balance is perfect and the noiseless springs make all the difference in the world. Additional features like the Titanium insert blocks with bring tones out of your guitar that you never knew were there.

Kahler 2300 Pro Tremolo
The Kahler 2300 Pro Tremolo is an excellent alternative for a locking tremolo. It has a slightly different feel than the FU-TONE bridge but offers features that the fulcrum style tremolo doesn’t.  We are pleased to offer the Kahler 2300 Pro Tremolo as a standard feature on all of our KT Series guitars. For more info on the difference between the Kahler and the Floyd see my blog section.

Graph Tech TUSQ
We use Graph tech TUSQ nuts and string trees as standard equipment on all of our non-locking tremolo guitars. The material is far superior to standard bone or plastic when it comes to staying in tune and the tone is excellent.

Gotoh Sealed Tuners
We have experimented with several different brands of tuners over the years and have had the best tuning stability with Gotoh Sealed Tuners.  We use them as standard equipment on all of our guitars. They are precise and reliable.

We use only the highest quality 18% nickel/silver fretwire  on all of our guitars.
We can offer a wide variety of fret size per request but all of our guitars  come standard with jumbo frets.

Pasquale Custom Pickups
Pickups are always a passionate subject when it come to guitar players. Every player has their favorite brand and model. Their passion comes because the slight variances in the way pickups are manufactured vary the amounts of lows, mids and highs that the pickup will put out. This changes the way they respond to the players touch and helps get them one step closer to their ultimate goal… the perfect tone

We can offer any make or brand of pickup that is available on the market today however we use Pasquale Custom pickups on all of our guitars as standard equipment.

Our pickups are designed to be high output with a full balance of the tone spectrum and they can handle any style of playing from country to rock to metal. They are extremely responsive and articulate.  

There are two different types of custom pickups that we offer:

Our Modern Pickups are designed around a Ceramic magnet. This adds a little more brightness and high end to the sound and really gives it a clear loud tone. These are excellent for today’s modern rock and metal players.

Our Vintage Pickups are designed around an Alnico magnet. This makes the pickup a little warmer and rounds off some of the brightness. They are extremely articulate and are excellent for classic rock / blues players and really come alive through a high gain amp for screaming metal tones.  

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