Pasquale USA Custom Classic 22 Series

The Pasquale Classic 22 Guitar was developed after several clients expressed interest in a 22 fret model guitar. All of our Pasquale Custom Guitars feature a full 24 fret neck with full access to the upper register frets but while there is a distinct advantage to having a full 2 octave guitar, the positioning of the neck is slightly different than the placement on a 22 fret guitar. It definitely has a different feel and if you are used to a 22 fret guitar then a 24 fret guitar may seem slightly off.
So we set out to adapt our Classic 24 fret guitar into the Classic 22.

The Pasquale Classic 22 Guitar the same specs and contour heel mount as our Classic 24 but we used a traditional round heel neck joint and shortened the headstock to give the guitar a better over all feel. It has familiar feel of a 22 fret guitar but still has the modern comfort of a sculpted heel that allows easy access to the upper register.

We also used a new classic headstock and shortened it slightly to give an even overall balance to the guitar.

As with all of our Pasquale Guitars we offer the Pasquale Classic 22 with our LT Series Locking Tremolo, ST Series Standard Tremolo, HT Series Fixed Bridge and KT Series Locking Tremolo options.

As with all of our guitars we use Hipshot Locking Tuners to guarantee the best tuning stability possible.

We offer a variety of Pickup Options as well as a unique gallery of custom graphic that are available.

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