Pasquale USA Custom Classic 24 Series

Pasquale Custom Classic 24 Series guitars began as direct replicas of the classic 1959 Fender Stratocaster but quickly morphed into our own unique design.


The first thing we did was slim down the body. We shaved a full 7/16 off of the back of the body shortening the overall length of the guitar while keeping the upper and lower horns similar to the original. This changes the balance of the guitar allowing it to fit more comfortably against the player’s body and giving a smoother playing position.


Next we replaced the original neck heel which with our comfort contour heel. We slimmed it down and removed the square neck plate and used recessed neck screws with recessed ferrules. We also tapered the heel a full ¼” which allows it to flow smoothly into the neck. This gives the player complete access to the full range of the upper frets with almost no interference from the neck heel.


Another big benefit to Pasquale Custom Guitars is that our Classic 24 and Modern 24 series guitars are designed as standard 24 fret models instead of the standard 22 fret model. We completely redesigned our necks to allow for all of a full range of access to all frets and we also added a spoke wheel truss rod nut that adjusts at the heel instead of the headstock. This allows a Pasquale Custom guitar neck to be adjusted while in tune under tension for the maximum in performance.


The final touch that we added to the Pasquale Custom Classic design was a full ½ “ roundover to our body contour. Most guitars today use a 1/8” for the front of the body and a ¼” roundover for the back of the guitar. We use a full ½ “ roundover for the entire body which gives it a smooth and comfortable feel which is great for extended periods of playing time.


All of these changes have allowed us to design a guitar that has the look of the classic guitars that forged rock and roll with the smooth feel of a contour heel, ergonomic body and a full access 24 fret neck.







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