I have already written a blog article about the fantastic upgrades Adam Reiver has done to the Floyd Rose tremolo system with his company FU TONE (formerly known as Floyd Upgrades). His improvements have brought new life to the Floyd Rose style tremolo system and have truly launched it into the 21st century; a feat that Fender Music Products, who owns the license to the patent, has failed to do for almost 20 years.

For a full treatment of all the high end upgrades that Adam made see my blog article on The FU BRIDGE at 


Pasquale Custom Guitars now offers an FU TONE/ PASQUALE CUSTOM GUITARS SIGNATURE BRIDGE as standard equipment on all of our LT Series guitars.

I had the chance to work directly with Adam at FU TONE to design a bridge that meets all the exacting standards that I want from a bridge. This is the final component in my designs that will allow me to get the maximum tone and response from the high end “investment grade” instruments that our company offers.

Historically we have used Schaller Bridges as standard equipment on our Locking Tremolo model guitars because of the ease of their availability but now we are able to offer the absolute best bridge in the world a standard equipment.

Our SIGNATURE BRIDGE is available in Chrome, Black or Gold and features a 32mm Big Brass L-Block with a Brass Claw for maximum mass and sustain. We use noiseless springs to reduce unwanted ringing at high gain volumes while still allowing  that famous “Floyd Flutter”. Our bridges come with Upgraded Tapered Saddles with Titanium Saddle Inserts.   All bridges come complete with a Brass Trem-Stopper that will increase sustain and allow the user the option to block the tremolo so it will only go flat or allow it to be set to “float” in the recess cavity. 

Other upgrades such as Titanium Blocks, Titanium Saddles and D-Tuna Hardware are available for custom orders as well as a full menu of other goodies.

Check out   www.FU-Tone.com, www.BoogieBodies.com or www.D-Tuna.com  for more info on products, prices  and availability.

All of us at Pasquale Custom Guitars are excited about this opportunity and I personally am grateful to Adam for taking the time to listen to my concerns and discuss my needs. Adam is a gentleman as well as a genius. We both share the same passion for tone and a quest for creating greatness. I look forward to doing great things with him and FU TONE in the future. 

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