Rockin’ for the Troops Concert will be held on July 20th 2013 at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois.


Chicago based custom guitar manufacturer Pasquale Custom Guitars has announced it has begun creation of three HTM Signature Series guitars to be donated to “Operation Support Our Troops America” and the “Artistic Tools for Veterans” programs during the summer of 2013. Each guitar will be custom designed for different charities to be presented at the Rockin’ for the Troops Concert being held on July 20th at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois.


The Pasquale custom HTM2000 Signature Series guitars will be donated to the “Artistic Tools For Veterans” program and will be presented to a pre-selected veteran during the July 20th Annual “Rockin’ for the Troops” concert at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois. The “Artistic Tools for Veterans” program was founded by Kimo Williams, a Vietnam veteran and the musical director of Gary Sinises’ Lt. Dan Band. The “Artistic Tools for Veterans” program uses art and music as a means of recovery therapy for soldiers wounded in battle. When asked why Pasquale Custom Guitars USA would take part in this program, Frank Pasquale, President and CEO responded, “When I heard about OSOT’s new program to use guitars as therapy to help soldiers recover from trauma I immediately wanted to be a part of it.” Pasquale went on to share, “Most any guitar player will tell you that there is no better therapy than time alone with your favorite guitar so I couldn’t wait to be a part of this amazing outreach program.” The Pasquale custom HTM2000 Signature Series guitar is outfitted with the brand new EMG Metal Works series of pickups and Hipshot hardware. The package will also come complete with D’Addario strings and accessories, a Hard-Shell Gator Case, and a custom made Gonne Amplifier.


In addition to the “Artistic Tools for Veterans” program, Pasquale Custom Guitars plans to also donate two additional custom guitar packages to the “Rockin’ for the Troops” concert for Shave the Nation and Operation Support Our Troops. Although this will be Pasquale Custom Guitars second year with the organizations there have been some major changes to this year’s raffle. When asked what these changes were, Frank Pasquale responded “this year we were able to collaborate and obtain major donations from some of the biggest manufactures in the today’s guitar industry to help support our troops. I love when industry leaders can put competition aside and come together for an amazing cause such as the men and women who protect our freedom.” Pasquale went on to say “We are proud to announce the additional donations from our partners like EMG Pickups, Hipshot Products, D’Addario Strings, Gator Cases, Stewart MacDonald Guitar Shop Supply, Getz Hot Rod Innovations, Line 6 Amplifiers and Gonne Amplification. We are hopeful this will draw a larger crowd to help raise money to support our troops. ”


This year’s raffle will consist of the following:


Operation Support Our Troops guitar package will include a handmade, one-of-a-kind Custom Camouflage Pasquale HTM 2000 Signature Series custom guitar complete with EMG pickups, Gator Case, D’Addario strings and accessories and a custom made Gonne amplifier.

Shave the Nation guitar package will include a handmade Pasquale Custom HTM 1000 Signature Series guitar with an exclusive “Shave the Nation” Uncle Sam graphic, EMG pickups, Gator case, D’Addario strings and accessories and a Line 6 Spider IV amplifier.

When asked about this year’s concert and raffle Frank Pasquale simply said, “Even though times are tough we believe we will still have a great turnout at this year’s concert. You can always count on the American people to help our troops returning from service and thank them for the incredible sacrifice each soldier has made.”


To enter for a chance to win the Operation Support Our Troops or Shave the Nation guitar packages please visit www.rockinforthetroops.org and www.shavethenation.org. The winner does not need to present to win.


For information on how you can attend Rockin’ for the Troops Concert or to help support the troops, call 630-971-1150 or visit www.osotamerica.org.


For information on how to support “Shave The Nation” visit www.shavethenation.org or call 630-584-4555.

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Frank Pasquale, please call Frank Pasquale at 312-912-7533.

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