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The Winter NAMM Show is the single largest musical instrument tradeshow in the world. Every January major manufacturers from every genre of musical instruments descend upon Anaheim California with the sole intention of displaying their latest and greatest technologies, instruments and gadgets to National Vendors with the hopes of placing orders that will stock every music store in the world with the latest  “must have” products.  As a guitar aficionado for over 30 years I have always held the NAMM show with the highest regards because this one single show is an overload to the senses for a guitar nerd like myself. There is no greater place on earth to see the greatest guitar gear.

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Pasquale Custom Tele in the Works

In May of 2014 we released our new arsenal of the Pasquale Custom Guitars Metal Series Guitars. We spent countless hours designing and redesigning these metal masterpieces to allow us to develop a truly unique series of guitars that have a modern edge but still hold to the traditions of the classic metal guitars from the 80’s.
Prior to developing the new Metal Series we had spent years refining the classic Stratocaster style guitar. Through this process we came up with the designs for the Pasquale Classic 22 and our Pasquale Classic 24 guitars as well as our most popular design, the Pasquale Modern 24. Now we are taking another step in our development phase and we are finalizing our design for our Pasquale Custom Guitars Telecaster style guitar.

Ted McCarty of Gibson guitars was once quoted as saying that he hated the Fender Telecaster Guitar. This comment was the result of a long rivalry that existed between Gibson and Fender guitars. This rivalry began in the mid 50’s and still exists to this day even though McCarty in now deceased.

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A Little Less Buzz and A Little More Action

As I prepared for The 2014 Chicago Guitar Show I found myself in a rush to finish and prep 14 guitars for the show.

These included our 6 new Pasquale Metal Series Guitars; The Inferno, Inferno-X, Tribulation, Vengeance, Switchblade and Assassin Models and also our new Pasquale Classic 22 and  Revelator 7 Guitars.

The Revelator 7 is our first 7 String extended range guitar.  We also had a sampling of guitars from our Exotic and Custom Shop Series as well as a few Modern 24 Guitars on hand with a variety of Pickup and Hardware options.

As I prepped these guitars for the show I run them through the standard 21 point checklist for set ups and I realized that I was faced with a pretty difficult conundrum. I was attempting to set up 14 guitars with a variety of woods, necks, fingerboards, contours, hardware and pickups and I have to attempt to dial them in specifically to the playing styles of every player who will come to the show. That is a difficult task.

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Super Thin Neck Contour

One of the great things about being a custom guitar maker is that I get direct interaction with some incredible players. I get to dialog and learn about what feature players want and what features that they don’t have on their present instruments. I also get to see how changes to a guitars design can effect a player’s technique.

When I begin to design a guitar for a client I start by having several lengthy conversations with them. Through the course of dialog, and usually several emails or texts, I begin to develop the design concept that will eventually become their guitar.  One part of this process is our Customer Quote Build Sheet Form. This is a document that the customer fills out and describes in detail his or her ideal guitar. This allows me to create an accurate quote and also list several options the client may not have considered.

Part of the form includes a description of what the client is looking for in a neck contour. If you have done any research at all you will know that there are a myriad of choices in neck contour profiles (That means that there are lots and lots of neck profile choices.) They are truly as unique as every major endorsing artist who endorses a signature guitar.

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