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LT Signature Series Guitars

Pasquale LT Signature Series Custom Guitars were developed as we took our concepts that we introduced in our ST Signature Series Custom Guitars further into the modern world. The technology of modern guitar making is always evolving and our goal was to evolve with it. The mission in designing our CUSTOM SERIES of guitars was to search the world and find the absolute best combinations of hardware and materials available to create the finest possible guitars that you can buy. The PASQUALE LT SERIES GUITARS were designed to feature a modern “locking” style tremolo added to the advancements we made to our ST Signature Series Custom Guitars.


In 1976 a young Jewelry maker named Floyd Rose invented a new way to eliminate the “string snag” that came with the standard tremolo units that were available on electric guitars that were made at that time. His new invention featured a clamp that would lock the strings in tune at the nut and prevent them from sliding over the nut which thereby eliminated the string snag. Thus “The Floyd” was born and soon it would be a household term and the guitar world would be changed forever.


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HT Signature Series Guitars

The development of the PASQUALE HT SIGNATURE SERIES CUSTOM GUITARS was a natural progression from our ST SERIES GUITARS.  I have already stated that the ST SERIES was designed to correct all of the design flaws that were common to the Fender Stratocaster design.  ST SERIES guitars are designed for the player who wants to get the most out of a standard tremolo style guitar without having to sacrifice playing style or consistent performance of their guitar.

But there is another breed of player that is just as demanding of their instrument but without the need for a tremolo bridge.  Thus we created the PASQUALE CUSTOM HT SERIES GUITARS which feature a Hard Tail fixed bridge.These guitars are designed for the no frills guitarist who doesn’t want a tremolo bridge but just wants a rock solid guitar that can handle whatever challenges the player will face.


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ST Series Guitars

I have stated on several occasions that my mission statement when I began my career as a guitar tech/builder was “Perfecting the Strat”. On the initial reading that can sound like a very arrogant statement and it is not meant to be so I want to take a moment here to clarify what I mean.  I make no reservation that as a player and a builder I lean strongly in the “Leo Fender” camp as far as design and concepts go.  This is in stark contrast to the “Les Paul” camp and the designs he initiated back in the mid 50’s with Gibson guitars.  Every form of modern guitar building finds its roots in one of these two camps.  Either you favor the bolt on style neck with a 25 ½ “scale of a Fender or you prefer the set-in neck with a 24 ¾ scale of a Gibson or some modern variation of those two. I have set up camp in the Fender style of guitar design because I believe it to be the truest form of the electric guitar.

Today we take for granted the radical changes that Leo Fender made when he introduced his guitars.  Up to that point in history people were struggling to get a microphone to amplify an acoustic guitar without feeding back.  Les Paul decided to make a Solid Body version of an acoustic guitar to avoid the feedback. His concept worked but his design was based on a Gibson Acoustic guitar which featured  a glue in set neck and the shape looked very similar to an acoustic guitar. They eventually slimmed it down and we have what became the classic Les Paul Guitar that we know today.

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Roasted Maple

“The New Black”

The world of high fashion is certainly a tumultuous and controversial one to say the least.   Every year some unknown “entity” declares some fashion design as “in” and thereby ruling other fashions as “out” and thus ending the usefulness of otherwise perfectly good pieces of clothing, thus relegating them to the deepest recesses of closets worldwide.  Of course this is only  temporarily until the ”powers that be” declare these clothes “in” again and then they resurface from the dark depths of the closet to  re-appear as “vintage.”


 I must admit that I don’t understand this concept. But you are talking about a guy who sports the same “jeans and t-shirt” concept that he made popular in 10th grade.  Now that is not to say that I lack class or style, If there is an exceptionally important event I will accent this look with a Levis jacket and complete the ensemble with a pair of well-worn Wolverine boots. In fact I have had the same Wolverine boots for over 15 years and I’m sure they have faded from ”in fashion” to “out of fashion” several times but I have yet to be notified of these changes.
Nonetheless, fashion trends come and go and we all must deal with the consequences of these “decisions”. I remember when my daughter was born that we received a large amount of baby clothes as gifts that were brown with pink polka dots. I also remember thinking that these were the worst  colors I had ever seen. They looked horrible together. It reminded me of the tragic and unavoidable end of a long night of drinking, binge eating  and vomiting on the carpet all rolled into one little baby outfit. After the third or fourth outfit arrived I made a comment about the horrible color combination and my wife casually looked at me and said “Oh the color?”…”It’s the new Black”.

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