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And Then There Were Eight

LAnd Then There Were Eight

The Conceptual Birth of the Pasquale Revelator 8 Guitar

I truly am blessed to be able to do what I do. As a guitarist I have been infatuated with the electric guitar since the first time I saw Eddie Van Halen play one in 1984. As a custom builder I have bene infatuated with the electric guitar since the first time I tore apart my Kramer Focus 2000 in 1986. After putting it back together and  tweaking the neck and the Floyd Rose Tremolo, I set out on a life of  tinkering with guitars that eventually led me to my own company and my own designs and I have been at it ever since. Now that I have my own company I have the ability to let my imagination run wild and create what I see in my head. It is a true blessing to be able to imagine, design and create a working piece of sonic art completely from scratch.

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Lil’ Thrasher and Lil’ Shredder Series Guitars

Late in the evening hours of December 31st. of 2014, my good friend Drew Creal and I created a silly little one minute video of us jamming some Thrash Tunes on my daughters First Act Pre-School Kiddie Instruments.

We posted this on YouTube and it exploded! Within a week it had over 2 million views and was shared and posted everywhere. Literally every major media outlet from Time Magazine to Billboard and Rolling Stone to Revolver had reposted it.
After our video went viral I was contacted by Josh Roy, the Head of Marketing for First Act, who thanked me for giving them such great promotion. I am certain it was the most direct advertising that First Act has ever had. Josh had graciously offered to send us unspecified amounts of First Act guitars and drums if we would just keep making videos.

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Going Viral

The Rise and Fall of an Overnight Internet Sensation

There are moments in recorded history where the course of human destiny is changed by a matter of mere minutes. One such event took place recently in the 2014 NFC Championship Game when the Green Packers were a minute and a half away from going to Super Bowl XLIX and a comedy of errors cost them the game and they were upset by the Seattle Seahawks. This was the end of the line for the Packers’ season and the Seahawks went on to the Super Bowl.


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Blue Oyster Cult Reunion at Winter NAMM

As part of our preparations to get ready for Winter NAMM, I sent out emails to all of our friends and PCG family in the industry to let them know where we would be located in hopes of getting a chance to hook up with them if they happened to be at the show this year. 
One of the emails that I sent out was to our good friend Eric Bloom from Blue Oyster Cult. Eric and I had become friends in the summer of 2014 when we took some PCG guitars to the BOC show in Warsaw Indiana that was part of their summer tour.  We hung out for the after the show and began dialog about some custom guitars and we had stayed in touch ever since.

I sent Eric and email a week before the show to let him know we would be there and he responded immediately with a slight panic in the tone of his email. It seems that BOC was set to do a show at the Anaheim Hilton as part of the NAMM extracurricular activities and he was intending to use some borrowed gear including an SG guitar borrowed from Gibson Guitars. However his contact at Gibson had suddenly become incognito and would not return any of his calls or emails for weeks.

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