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PCG and the Alleycats

We all know that life is full of surprises. Usually we realize that when something bad has just happened. Like when the water heater goes out on a cold winter morning and we are faced with the reality of a bitterly cold shower or you realize that you just ran out of toilet paper. But sometimes life throws you a surprise that is a true blessing that changes the way you look at everything you ever knew. Life recently threw me a curve ball from way out in left field that I never saw coming.


If you follow my postings on facebook or any of my blog articles you would know that my father and namesake of Pasquale Custom Guitars, John Pasquale passed away recently. Of course this brought together family that I have not seen in years. Through this process I got reacquainted with a cousin I have not seen in almost 40 years.

When I was 17 years old  I started playing guitar and by 22 I had decided that I was going to pursue a career in the music business, or as an 22 year old kid with long hair and an attitude problem would say “I’m gonna be a Rock Star”. When I made my bold declaration all of my family just said “You’re just like your cousin Donnie!”  Now I knew I had a cousin Donnie but I had no recollection of him because his family moved away from our small coal mining town of Burgettstown Pennsylvania to the Motor City of Detroit when I was 5 years old. 
Nonetheless I was not deterred.   I set my sights on the bright lights and big time of Hollywood. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my heroes like Eddie Van Halen, Warren DiMartini and George Lynch so I packed up my 1984 Kramer Focus 2000 guitar and my Crate GS150 half stack into my 1986 Ford EXP and headed for Tinseltown.  I enrolled in The Musician’s Institute and immersed myself in the Hollywood scene.

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Rockin’ for the Troops 2013 Epilogue

The US Veterans Arts Program


Bryan Escobedo


Rockin for the Troops 2013 has come and gone and all in all it was a tremendous success. It was a beautiful day, there was plenty of great food and music and the crowds came out to see some great acts.


The Shave the Nation both was in full swing giving red, white and blue Mohawks to all who dared. Uncle Sam and the Shave the Nation guitar returned this year and were proudly on display for all to see and enter to win.

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The Bushwhacker Camouflage Guitar

The concept for the Camouflage guitar finish that we use on the guitars for Operation Support Our Troops America actually began several years ago in an Ace Hardware store in Carpentersville Illinois.


 I was buying a quart of motor oil for my 2001 Chevy Silverado. While I was standing in line to pay for it I noticed a little display on the counter that was selling tiny little flashlights about the size of your thumb. You know the kind…”Super Bright LED”… “Fits In Your Pocket”…” Guaranteed Forever”…Blah , Blah ,Blah…

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Rockin’ for the Troops Concert will be held on July 20th 2013 at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois.


Chicago based custom guitar manufacturer Pasquale Custom Guitars has announced it has begun creation of three HTM Signature Series guitars to be donated to “Operation Support Our Troops America” and the “Artistic Tools for Veterans” programs during the summer of 2013. Each guitar will be custom designed for different charities to be presented at the Rockin’ for the Troops Concert being held on July 20th at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois.


The Pasquale custom HTM2000 Signature Series guitars will be donated to the “Artistic Tools For Veterans” program and will be presented to a pre-selected veteran during the July 20th Annual “Rockin’ for the Troops” concert at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois. The “Artistic Tools for Veterans” program was founded by Kimo Williams, a Vietnam veteran and the musical director of Gary Sinises’ Lt. Dan Band. The “Artistic Tools for Veterans” program uses art and music as a means of recovery therapy for soldiers wounded in battle. When asked why Pasquale Custom Guitars USA would take part in this program, Frank Pasquale, President and CEO responded, “When I heard about OSOT’s new program to use guitars as therapy to help soldiers recover from trauma I immediately wanted to be a part of it.” Pasquale went on to share, “Most any guitar player will tell you that there is no better therapy than time alone with your favorite guitar so I couldn’t wait to be a part of this amazing outreach program.” The Pasquale custom HTM2000 Signature Series guitar is outfitted with the brand new EMG Metal Works series of pickups and Hipshot hardware. The package will also come complete with D’Addario strings and accessories, a Hard-Shell Gator Case, and a custom made Gonne Amplifier.


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