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Pasquale Metal Series Guitars

Pasquale Custom Guitars was founded on the premise of making 100% Handmade Electric Guitars using traditional woodworking techniques. Our focus is less on speed of production and more on the quality of the product.  Our main focus has been on perfecting the classic version of the Fender Stratocaster and developing that into what eventually became our Classic and Modern Series Guitars.

A casual look at our website would lead one to believe that we stopped our development at this point and became stagnant because we only offer 2 models of guitars with a few different hardware options.

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Rockin’ For the Troops 2014

Pasquale Custom Guitars is partnering once again with Operation Support Our Troops America to help raise money and awareness for our country’s truest heroes; the brave men and women of our armed forces that protect our freedoms and defend our great nation. 

It is an honor to be a part of this great program every year and we feel it is at least some small way that we can give back to those who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms that we have.

This will be an extra special event this year as it will see the return of Gary Sinise and The Lt. Dan Band. Scheduling conflicts prevented Gary from making the show last year but this year he and the band will be back in full force.

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Pasquale Custom Guitars to Debut New Metal Series Guitars At The Chicago Guitar Show 2014

The 4 Amigos Guitar Show began in 1978 as a localized sales event between 4 music dealers from Waco Texas, Dallas Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. They created a centralized convention in Arlington Texas as a means to promote business and discuss the latest trends in the music industry. This became an annual event that became the Texas Guitar Show.

Unlike the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show, which started in 1901 as a means for music retailers to see the latest and greatest gadgets from the manufacturing industry, the Texas Guitar Show was aimed at the consumer and not the retailer.

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In 1978 Edward Van Halen Revolutionized the way the electric guitar was played forever. Never again would players approach the instrument the same. His techniques were new and fresh with a modern style. They had elements of early rock music as well as the classical music that was instilled in him at an early age. All of his musical and stylistic dynamics were disguised in the form of The Greatest Rock n Roll Band That Ever Lived; The Mighty Van Halen.  For the first time in history this fiery style was served up to the masses and distributed through commercial radio to a welcoming public. Edward Van Halen had arrived!



When Van Halen’s first album was released on February 10th of 1978 it contained a remake of the Kinks classic “You Really Got Me”. This was destined to be the first single from the album and would be the world’s introduction to Van Halen.  As a prelude to the song on the album the band decided to do an instrumental guitar piece that would lead into the song.  This 1:42 minute introduction would change the world as we knew it at the time.  “Eruption” as it was aptly named was a sonic barrage of new sounds and playing techniques that flowed from the speakers like molten lava spewing from the mouth of an angry volcano. It sent droves of guitarists either to their record players (because that’s all we had back then) or to the local music teacher to try to figure out how this 21 year old “wonder kid”  named Eddie could possibly make a guitar sound that way. 


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